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I grew up watching Formula One, so when I finally got around to bikes the screaming sound of inline fours were music to my ears. They sounded perfect… until I heard the sound of sporty v-twins going around a bend at speed…but these things still sound silly at stop lights.

[Sorry for the radio silence. All is well, but work and baby keep me half awake, except when I'm riding, and you know I can't blog just then.]

Of all the great products that Aerostich makes, this is my favorite (a close second favorite is my RoadCrafter one piece suit). When I became a new dad I thought it meant I had to take the car out whenever I took the baby; and for the first year that’s exactly what I did. But around this time last year a friend pointed me to one of these, and it has changed my life. I can ride whenever I want again! Trips to the pediatrician are a joy now, and the baby sleeps most of the way when we’re on the bike so it helps with nap time too. At first $259 seemed a bit pricey, but after one year I have to say that it’s worth every penny. New dads (and moto-moms), can check out the product info on the Aerostich site. Cheers!

Yes, I’m still alive! Living in a home with a two year old, both me and my wife work, and no nanny or daycare (yet)… it’s insane. Didn’t even get to ride all of February after my bike went dead for a bit… Anyway, here’s the important thing: motorcycles. If you have one, you know you want to ride it. And if you don’t have one, it sucks to be you. But at least you can watch this video of two awesome riders on 675r’s. This is exactly how I ride too, only faster…at least in my mind.

Morning beauty…

This is why we love motorcycles, and why we love racing motorcycles in particular. It has nothing to do with the paint job.

IOMTT 1973

If you know what those letters (IOMTT) stands for, then you just might love this documentary. Some call it the best motorcycle documentary ever; I say there might be Faster competition for that documentary title. So you be the judge. Cheers!

MotoGP Lean Angles…

Okay round one (Thanksgiving/Hanukkah), and round two (Christmas, Kwanza, whatever) of the holiday season is behind us… Now we can focus on more important issues of the day, like “how far can you lean a MotoGP bike at speed?” Right? Because we need to know these things. Cheers!



A big reason we enjoy riding is that there’s little that comes between the rider and the road.  You’re not smoking a cigarette or drinking coffee or listening to the radio, you’re focused on the road.  Even something like using a GPS is something I do only reluctantly, because there’s no way to enjoy your ride while you’re trying to follow one of these things on crowded US roads.  So why would you want to use your smartphone for your ride?  I had given up on using riding apps, but then the good folks at Eat Sleep Ride sent me this one and it gave me THREE really good reasons to use this app while riding: 1) Safety, 2) Ride data, 3) Keeping on top of fellow riders in group rides.  Check it out… Continue Reading »

People have been talking about heads up displays on motorcycle helmets for as long as I can remember: It would be nice to see what’s going on behind you, and it would be nice to be able to get GPS data and info like your current speed and the distance to your next turn… Basic information that we take for granted in a car, but are really impossible to gather safely from a motorcycle’s instrument panel. The technology has been available for a while, but no one has been able to put together a viable package that is cost effective and usable on an actual motorcycle. Which brings us to the Skully: an Android powered helmet with voice control, GPS, and a rear view camera. Will this be the one? Check it out at www.skullyhelmets.com and tell me what you think.

If you want a sport riding jacket you go to Alpinestars and Dainese… If you want more colorful options, Icon has some great stuff too with looser cuts. But if you want a leather jacket with classic looks that will look normal when you’re off the bike, there’s really only one brand you need to know: Roland Sands. Google it. These are really top quality jackets, with so many styles that you won’t wind up buying the same jacket as your your other biker buddies. They have a looser cut (for accommodating normal sized beer guts) unlike most of the Alpinestars gear, and they do not come with armor (that I’m aware of), but that’s not bad considering the price points for these jackets…anyway once you’ve had a few different kind of jackets, you tend to have a preference for certain kinds of armor, so you can fit your own.
This is FYI, I’m not trying to sell you anything… But before you put down a few bills on a jacket at a dealer, you might want to check one of these out.

I was hoping that the chatter about the incident a couple of weekends ago on the West Side would die down, but it seems like more people are just hearing about it and wonder what I think (not that my opinion matters any more than yours, it doesn’t). So here it is:
1) I think no one deserves to be run over and have both legs and spine crushed under an SUV. Unless he was pointing a gun at you and your family, basic human decency commands “thou shalt not crush people with your big ass car.”
2) But considering the circumstances of the event, how many of these guys were basically acting like hoodlums (instead of just going out and enjoying their ride) it’s understandable that the SUV driver freaked out. “Understandable” means I can see what went through his fear addled brain, it doesn’t mean I think what he did was right.
3) I think that this motorcycle club that was involved in the incident gives sportbikers a bad name. If you though police harassed sportbikes in the past, well they now have even more reason to do so.
4) Only a complete idiot brake checks a car for being a bad driver while riding a motorcycle. Brake checking anyone is a stupid idea, but anyone who does that on a motorcycle in front of a “bad driver” might just deserve what happens to him moments later…

Anyway, that’s just my opinion. I haven’t watched all the videos that are out there of the people involved (some of you have). And I don’t think I’m a judge in these matters… I don’t really understand large groups of bikers riding out anyway – dude if you want to hang out with your friends all day, get a van… but if you want to RIDE then two or three bikes will make it out of the city faster than a couple dozen bikes going at the same time. So what you YOU think? Share the wealth in the comments section.

PS – the video above is obviously not from this incident, if you haven’t seen the video everyone is talking about, check it out after the jump… Continue Reading »

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